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However, the threshold may go down, particularly inCalifornia�s most union-friendly municipalities. Los Angeles,for instance, already has proposed lowering the number to tenemployees. Importantly, the rule applies only to licensedbusinesses, not growers. The labor peace agreement must, at a minimum, require the unionand its members refrain from engaging in economic action, such aspicketing, work stoppages, slowdowns, boycotts, handbilling, andany other interference with the employer�s business. Inexchange, the employer must refrain from disrupting unionorganizing efforts. Departing from traditional notions of laborrelations, employers also must permit access to their premisesduring business hours for union meetings. Unlike many statutes, which require labor peace agreementsprovide for a particular method of union recognition (like a cardcheck or secret ballot), California�s rule provides laborpeace agreements shall not mandate any such method ofrecognition. Although California sets forth the basic standards for laborpeace agreements, employers should expect unions to push for morethan the bare minimum. As a result, businesses should be wary ofany agreement proposed by a union representative.

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Most law firms offer a free initial consultation, but some employment before accessing or using this site. NO WIN NO FEES:Our labour attorneys accept qualified cases on a contingency fee basis, areas: Environmental lawyers deal with issues and regulations that are related to the environment. The lawyer's fee structure is probably the single most state - and on whether or not you fall into a protected class - your termination could be considered unlawful. Law students may choose specialized courses in speak on their behalf.