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"I have enjoyed working for the staff and principals here. It's a district that has achieved major gains in the last four to five years and I hope they will continue." Davis’ contract initially expired June 30, but was renewed through June 30, 2019, Foster said. His resignation comes amid the district’s involvement in an FBI investigation . More recently, the Supreme Court of South Carolina’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel opened an investigation into Davis after a school board member filed a complaint , alleging professional misconduct on Davis' part. Davis is the district’s first in-house lawyer. His base salary is the third highest among the district's roughly 2,800 employees. The board voted 9-1 to hire him in July 2014 . From the beginning, his position has been a source of controversy, in part because Davis was hired before passing the South Carolina Bar Exam and was paid by the district during the nine months he prepared for the exam. The board defended its hiring of Davis, citing significant cost savings from a reduced reliance on outside counsel. Davis presented data to the board last spring that he said showed his position has saved the district hundreds of thousands of dollars. For example, according to Davis, the district spent close to $520,000 in the 2010 fiscal year. With Davis’ salary of $125,000 and about $90,000 in outside legal fees for the 2016 fiscal year, the district spent close to half of what average legal fees accounted for before his hire, Davis said. While the hiring application for the district’s general counsel noted that the position reports to and is annually evaluated by both the superintendent and board, Davis’ contract was made only with the district.

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