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Jury views graphic sex video in ex-SA lawyer's trial; juror faints Prosecutors said Benavides will be back in a courtroom to face additional charges. They are urging other victims to come forward to keep him in prison for good. "We know there are women we could never ID. We know there are women that that did not want to talk. There are women we did speak to that did not want to participate," said Meredith Chacon, a prosecutor. Prosecutors said Benavides' conviction has tainted some 5,000 cases and convictions he was involved in. Jurors on Friday afternoon are deliberating the fate of former San Antonio attorney Mark Benavides.  Follow KSAT's Twitter Moment below for the latest updates on the trial. A Wilson County jury found Benavides guilty on Tuesday. Prosecutors said Benavides traded sex for legal services. He is facing the possibility of life in prison.

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